You are the Only YOU There Is

You–wonderful, amazing, incredible and never-to-be-duplicated YOU are literally one in a gozillion. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what language you speak, what kind of family you were born into, who your friends are, who you love and who loves you, what you do, how you make your living, what race you come from; whether you are short or tall, heavy or slim, handicapped or whole, good or bad–you are truly one-of-a-kind.

I read somewhere that, if crabs could speak and you picked one up and said, ‘you are just like all the other crabs,’ it would reply, ‘not true! I am unique and special among crabkind! Look at the tiny red spot on my left front leg! Hear how I click my claws in time with the ocean waves! See how magnificent is my beautiful shell! I am a one-of-a-kind and truly unique crab! Do not judge me by my brothers and sisters!’ So it is with us humans.

Of all the billions of us living on the earth right now, there is only one you. When you were born, you brought the unique you-ness to the planet. And when you pass from this world to the next, the earth will be poorer for your leaving it. But what and who you leave behind creates an indelible footprint on this earth. It may be something you said to someone that inspired them, it could be something you taught someone that enabled them to eventually discover the cure to cancer, it might be a kindness you did for someone that they cherished and passed on to their children, and who will pass it on to their children’s children’s children. Whatever it is and no matter how humble it seems, you are here for a reason and a purpose. Never for a moment allow yourself to think that you have nothing to offer. The mere fact that you are alive and breathing is proof that you belong here and have much to give.

Just as a candle lights a room, you and all that makes you who you are, lights up the world.

2 thoughts on “You are the Only YOU There Is

  1. Phyllis Ring says:

    I LOVED hearing and receiving this wonderful message!!

  2. diane kirkup says:

    Thanks for this article Jane, It is a very nice reminder that it is ok to
    honor oneself.

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