Have Fairy Tales Gone Out of Style?

Today I wrapped up my old Fairy Tales book that my favorite uncle gave me for Christmas in 1958 for my granddaughter, Ava, for this Christmas. I loved all those bloody old tales:

  • Little Red Riding Hood, where the brave woodsman guts the wolf to free poor grandma (whom the wolf had  gobbled up a few minutes before)
  • Hansel and Gretel, who were left in the woods, captured by a witch, then later burned up the old bag
  • Sleeping Beauty, who was cursed by an evil fairy and slept for a hundred years, waiting for her prince
  • The three little pigs, who defeated the Big Bad Wolf by boiling him in a stewpot
  • Snow White, who was beguiled into eating a poisoned apple

..and so on. I devoured these stories when I was young, and never had a single bad dream about them. It was clear to me that these were only fairy tales; nothing that could really happen.

But in today’s uber PC world I worry that kids are missing out filling their minds with magic, fairy tales, dreams and imagination. Have we really come to a place in our history where we are concerned that all the wolf-supporters will protest the reading of Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs because the wolf gets it in the end?

I hope not. I am still giving Ava this book and I hope she will love it as I did.

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