Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to America, reminding us of our humble beginnings and the gratitude those who fled England must have felt in being free for the first time. It is a day of grace, thanks, abundance, and either being with or remembering family and friends.

But what I call “thankful-ness” is a 24/7, 365 day state of mind. I am thankful for so many things and I list them in my mind each day. Doing this keeps me focused on staying grateful even in the face of major and minor disasters.  This keeps me strong when I am fearful, and comforted when I am sad. I am well aware that all I hold dear can be taken from me in a second–but that’s no reason to let fear make me ungrateful.

This Thanksgiving, wherever we may be, whether with family and friends, traveling, away from home, at school, working, wherever we fetch up on that day–let’s keep grateful. Every breath we draw is a gift, every sight, sound, touch, smell, taste–all gifts. Whether we are eating turkey, Spam, tacos, tuna on rye, vegetable curry, chicken tenders, pizza, oatmeal, whatever–let’s keep grateful.

Being in gratitude is in itself a gift we give to ourselves. Personally, I feel that the more gratitude we feel and express, the more we have for which to be grateful.

Let’s remember to really look at those around us at the table–whether they are family, friends, total strangers, or no one at all–let’s keep grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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