Wads of Paper Towels and Other Annoyances

I have often told my husband that I love him more than my jewelry, and it’s true. He is a much nicer person than I am, not to mention a lot handier and more patient. He’s about as close to perfect (for me, anyway) as is humanly possible.

However, some of his habits DRIVE. ME. NUTS. Most of them are pretty innocuous and easily overlooked. (Really, leaving a pair of briefs hanging on the bathroom doorknob isn’t a hill I want to die on.) But the one I can’t seem to get over or understand is his never-ending paper towel wads–everywhere. They are usually clean, folded up in neat squares, tucked away in his pants’ pockets or bathrobe (which translate to shredded wads of paper towels in the dryer), or left on top of the little table beside his chair on which he puts his cup of coffee. (By the way, we do own coasters, but evidently I’m the only one who uses them.)

The other less-neat ones are sodden lumps of shredded ones left by the sink or beside the stove ‘in case there’s a spill (and how effective is a wet paper towel on a spill anyway?),’ or the one wadded up by the cold water faucet in the bathroom (it always leaks), or piles of neatly folded and stained ones on his desk, or the ones he sometimes leaves on the kitchen floor to skate across when he doesn’t have time to change out of his boots. They are EVERYWHERE. When I toss them away (usually muttering loudly), he says, ‘I was going to use that, you know!’ Um, sure–WHEN?

The Number 2 Annoying Thing is how he carefully peels off the rubber cement that always comes on the back of a new laminated card, AAA, etc., rolls it up and sticks it on a surface he KNOWS I will touch–like my keyboard. Honestly, it’s like leaving boogers around. As long as we’ve been together, you would think I’d be used to it by now. But it always catches me by surprise, it’s always disgusting, and he always laughs his head off. The truth is, men don’t ever really stop being boys. They just can’t help it.

Well, I’d like to tell you more, but I have to go wash some rubber cement boogers off my fingers now….



One thought on “Wads of Paper Towels and Other Annoyances

  1. Lissa says:

    OMG you crack me up! Rubber boogers!!
    Love you!

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