It Isn’t Always About YOU..

When I was a teenager, I took an incredibly long time each morning to get my hair to look just right. Mom would finally say, “The entire world is not waiting for you to come out the front door; move it!”

Whatever we look like–our age, size, style, hairdo, makeup, clothes, etc., the whole world actually is NOT watching and judging. But you can put money on the fact that someone somewhere is looking at you wistfully, thinking ‘I wish I had her hair,’ or ‘I wish my eyes were that pretty shade of blue,’ or ‘I wish I had a cute nose like hers,’ or ‘I wish I could speak so confidently,’ or ‘I wish I could wear that color,’ and the list goes on. Something about yourself that you take for granted is someone else’s wish.

When someone compliments you, don’t discount it–accept it for the gift it is and all you need to say is ‘thank you.’ Thanking the giver of the compliment is a gift to them.

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