Jack the Corgi

(Introductory note: Jack, a cardigan corgi (the one with the tail, not the ones Queen Elizabeth has) is our “grand-dog.” When my step-daughter was deployed overseas, he stayed with us. He now has a little brother, Ross, another cardigan, who is just about as goofy as Jack is. This poem came about while I walked him; the rhythm of his toenails on the tar gave the poem its meter.)

Jack the Corgi

“Jack the Corgi’s a mighty fine dog

Throw him a stick and he’ll fetch you a log.

His ears, when he walks, go jiggle, jiggle, jiggle,

And his heinie and his tail go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.


Jack the Corgi goes to town

With one ear up and one ear down.

He stops to sniff the trees and flowers

And is home in bed before the evening showers.


Jack the Corgi loves to ramble,

Roam and run and then just amble—

The leash he weaves behind my shoes

‘Til I nearly fall flat on my caboose.


Jack the Corgi sleeps upside-down

With his feet in the air and his head hanging down.

And while he sleeps, he dreams of treats

Of ice cream, cheese, and luncheon meats.


Jack the Corgi loves to go

Out in the wind and rain and snow.

Too much heat, not so much—

It makes him puff and pant and such.


Jack the Corgi’s an excellent swimmer

(Except of course if it interferes with his dinner)

He splashes and paddles and churns up the water,

And sneezes and snorts far more than he oughta.


Jack the Corgi loves his snacks—

Biscuits and carrots that come in packs,

Chips and cheese and warm hot dogs,

And snacks for people, but not for dogs!


Jack the Corgi may be fat of foot and short of leg,

Close to the ground and sturdily made,

But Jack the Corgi has a great big grin

To show the world what a good mood he’s in.


Jack the Corgi has a generous heart,

A great disposition (and the occasional fart).

His outlook is sunny, his aspect is funny,

And if he had any, he’d give you his money.


Jack the Corgi’s the best grand-dog ever,

Funny and quick and silly and clever.

He keeps us laughing night and day

And he’s always welcome with us to stay!”

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