A Tribute to MooMoo

Today we are sad. Our sweet little friend, MooMoo, an adorable black and white male kitty belonging to my sister and brother-in-law, died unexpectedly during the night. It could have been a stroke, seizure, who knows–and who could have predicted this. It just must have been his time.

I was there at the time my sister adopted MooMoo from our local shelter. He was a real crowd pleaser, and everyone in the shelter enjoyed how personable and funny he was. My sister fell instantly in love with him, and adopted him on the spot. He was about as laid-back as a cat could be, and seemed happy with everything and everyone. He even made friends with my sister’s Number 1 cat, who made it clear he was NOT pleased about having a brother.

MooMoo was hilarious. When my brother-in-law was painting the ceiling in the kitchen, he set up a platform just below the ceiling, and MooMoo spent a lot of time up there. Not only did he enjoy the view, but he frequently de-hatted my husband walking below the platform. He would wait for Doug to put his hat on, then swoop a paw down and snatch the hat.

MooMoo was a social butterfly, and was confident that everyone he met would be thrilled to meet him, and they were! My granddaughter, Ava, made friends with him right away, and they got along very well. Any visitors to the house received a thorough sniffing of shoes and legs, and were then offered the opportunity of patting him.

One of his favorite spots was lying on the back of the sofa against the window sill, on his back with all four feet up the air. This way he could keep an eye on things outside, and still catch a nap. When my sister and brother-in-law were measuring their living room wall to make sure that the furniture would all fit, MooMoo laid down, back against the wall as if to say “cat goes here.”

There was no place that MooMoo didn’t love to explore. It wasn’t unusual to find him sleeping in a space in the kitchen cupboard beside the cookbooks, or resting on the counter, hoping someone would open the breadbox so that he could steal the bagged bread. (He was among other things, a carb-o-holic.)

He loved people, catnip, getting into boxes and bags and under beds, hopping up onto laps to be petted, and mainly being a little feline ray of sunshine.

We loved him dearly and will miss him sorely.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to MooMoo

  1. Cathy Laws says:

    so sorry for your loss…

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