Use Your Head – It’s Your Best Self Defense Weapon

Here are some quick tips to keep yourself safe:

When you are out and about on own, walking, running, biking, etc., DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES OR EAR BUDS–EVER! I know you think that you can listen to your music and stay alert, but the fact is that you actually can’t. If you are plugged in to your device, then you are not plugged into the world around you.

I was a martial artist for years. I also taught what I called “Common Sense Self Defense” for years. (I no longer practice as I pushed my body so hard that years later my rotator cuffs tore like tissue paper. The bad knee I got while participating in tournaments is still wonky to this day, and I now have to do that oh-so-graceful four-point stance to get up from the floor.)

I still observe the rules I learned a long time ago to keep safe. The ultimate best weapon truly is your head. Keep it in the game, be aware of where you are, who is around you, and don’t think for a second that something can’t happen to you.

I understand: bad things can happen to the most prepared and aware person. But you stand a far better chance of staying safe if you stay AWARE.

And one more tip: whenever you’re in your vehicle, LOCK THE DOORS. This also goes for when you get out to pump gas. Take your keys, your credit card/cash and lock up the vehicle while you pump gas. It is incredibly easy for someone to sneak around the side of your vehicle, open the door a crack and grab your purse, wallet, the cake you just picked up at the bakery (and wouldn’t THAT ruin your day?), whatever. Play it safe and make it a habit.

OK, that’s my lesson for today. I will be posting more common sense self-defense tips in the near future.

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